William Heyen (1940-)
Dark in the Reich of the Blond

From Erika: Poems of the Holocaust, by William Heyen. Copyright © 1991 by Time Being Press. Reprinted by permission of Time Being Books. All rights reserved.

I had my papers, but I was running.
I had my proof, but I was running.
I had my trees of Aryan descent,
but I was running.

but I'd been dreaming,
and woke beneath a pile of corpses.
I was happy, hidden,
and I had my papers.

The moon shone down, but I was hiding.
The stars winked down, but I was hiding.
The sky had eyes, and they were open,
but I was hiding.

I am here now, where you are, too.
I live here now, where you will, too.
We two will wait here, quiet, still,
while the night forgets. . . .

Do you have your papers? Lie here quiet.
Let the eyes run down like rain, let
the bodies turn to grass
as we wait here with our papers. Lie here quiet.


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